1967 1600 ROADSTER


 September 2003, no limo, just me, my bride and our Datsun Roadster.
 Summertime 2002 in Balboa Island, CA with its previous owner
 I purchased this very original and complete 1967 datsun Roadster in January of 2003 as part of my "I'm really going to need a project if I'm going to get through chemo" phase. My goal was to drive it to my last treatment. 
 I stripped off all the parts, engine and interior
 Sometime February 2003 before it goes off to the media blaster
 Sometime February 2003 before it goes off to the media blaster
 March 2003, no it's not painted silver, It's bare metal, fresh from the media blaster
March 2003, please do not mistake this for a DeLorean its just a Datsun with no paint
 CLEAN engine bay. Ahhhhhh
 The guy that did the body work should have retired before this car was built in 67, but he ended up doing a great job. His attention to detail and magic with a hammer and dolly just blew me away
 I think the body is straighter now and has better panel alignment than when it left the factory
 While the body was out getting redone, I overhauled the engine
 Rebuilt SU's and freshly plated cadmium hardware really detail out the engine.
 Powder coating was not around in 67, but in 2003 you cannot NOT take advantage of this technology
 New guages were hard to find, but they look great with the refinished dashboard
 May 2003, fresh paint, back from the body shop. Sora blue (original color for the car) looks great on these Roadsters
 June 2003, engines back in and running.
 Powder coated upper and lower control arms and springs. New ball joints bushings, rotors and stainless steel calipers and pistons
Fall 2003, In my Driveway
Fall 2003, completed car. I did not finish it in time for my last treatment in August, but it was ready in time for my wedding day!